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Absolute Bail Bonds “We Never Sleep”

At Absolute Bail Bonds we make paying for a bail bond easy for our clients. We offer payment plans, 0% interest bail bonds, and personalized payment plans for qualified clients. We will never surprise you with hidden fees like our competitors because we believe in working with honesty and integrity.

  • 24/7 Bail Bond Service
  • 20% Discount
  • Phone approvals
  • 0% Interest Payment Plans
  • No Hidden Fees – Unlike other bail agencies
  • No Collateral with Working Signer
  • Se Habla Español

You don’t have to worry when your friend or family member has been arrested. You can count on Absolute Bail Bonds in Los Angeles our bail agents are ready to assist you. Night or day, anywhere in California, we can help you bail out your loved one. Our skilled bail agents will always be available to offer their assistance.

What we do is help people in your situation post bail so they do not have to await their hearing in jail. Our process is simple:

1. Let us know who you need to bail out, their birthday if you know it, and where they are being held. Absolute Bail Bonds will contact that location and gather the rest of the information we need.

2. Tell us your financial situation and will work around it to formulate a customized payment plan with low monthly rates.

3. Review and sign paperwork so you understand what you are paying and the steps you need to take to ensure the bond is accepted (ie making sure the arrested individual appears in court when ordered).

4. Our agents will send paperwork to the location your loved one is at. The paperwork will be processed there and your loved one will be released.

It’s really as simple as that but once we start discussing your situation, we’re sure you’ll have more questions so do not hesitate to ask! For a free consultation simply call 1-800-793-2245.


You Can Count on Absolute Bail Bonds

At some point, you may need to hire a bail bondsman. As much as you don’t want to admit that you think your loved one going to get arrested someday, you know it’s very likely. So, you want to be as prepared as possible.

A bail bondsman will issue a bail bond for your loved one so that he or she can be released from jail. The bail bondsman will charge a 10% premium (like a fee for their services) which is 10% of the full bail amount. You will be allowed to pay off the premium over a set period of weeks or months, whatever you and the bail bondsman agree to. You will need to make sure your loved one shows up for court.

Absolute Bail Bonds in Los Angeles can go into deeper detail when you’re ready to talk one-on-one and get the bail bond processed or if you just want a consultation, free of charge. We can be reached online or on the phone at 1-800-793-2245.

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What Kind of Discounts Do You Offer?

Whenever someone is looking to make a big purchase, they often are looking for discounts as well. After all, everyone works hard for their money and they want to save as much of it as possible. This why when people begin looking to bail someone out of jail, they try to find the bail bond company that offers the most discounts.

Here at Absolute Bail Bonds, we offer a variety of discounts to clients who qualify. For starters,our bail bonds only cost 10% of the bail that they are for, meaning you get a 90% discount just by coming to us for help. On top of that, we provide all o four clients with affordable payment plans that spread out the cost of the bail bond over several months, making it more affordable.

One discount that we offer provides qualified clients with 20% off the price of the bail bond. Instead of paying 10% of the full bail price, you only have to pay 8%. To qualify for this discount, one of the co-signers for the bail bond needs to meet just one of the following requirements:

  • Is a union member.
  • Is a member of AARP.
  • Is a member of the military.
  • Is a homeowner.
  • Has a private attorney.

As long as one of those requirements is met, you qualify for the discount.

Another discount that we offer to clients with approved credit is 0% down bail. Clients who qualify for this discount do not have to make a payment on the bail bond for up to 1 month after their loved one has been released. We find that providing bail with no down payment gives our clients the ability to save up for the bail bond, making it easier for them.

If you are looking for discounts on bailing someone out of jail, you’ve come to the right place. For over 30 years, Absolute Bail Bonds has helped Californians rescue their friends and family members from jail. Let us do the same for you. All you have to do to get started is talk to one of our bail agents.

For a free consultation at any time, just call 1-800-793-2245 or click Chat With Us now.

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Do You Know How Much a Bail Bond Costs?

Finding out that a loved one has been arrested is almost always a shock for people. No one ever expects one of their friends or family members to get arrested, and yet that does happen from time to time. This leads people to look into how they can get their loved one out of jail, but they can’t help wonder how much that will cost.

When it comes to bail, the pricing can be all over the place. There are a few different factors that are taken into consideration when assigning a bail amount. This makes it so that even if two people are arrested for the same thing, they may not get assigned the same bail amount. The main factors that are considered by a judge when determining bail include:

  • Crime committed.
  • County of arrest.
  • Person’s criminal record.
  • Likelihood of running away.

A judge will look at all of that to determine how much a person’s bail will be. This makes it difficult to predict how much a person’s bail will be before they have met with a judge. However, it is safe to assume that the bail will cost several thousands of dollars.

When it comes to determining the cost of a bail bond, things are a lot simpler. Here at Absolute Bail Bonds, our bonds only cost 10% of the bail that they are for. As long as we know what your loved one’s bail is, we can tell you how much it will cost to get a bail bond from us. We will even provide you with a payment plan that you can afford and special discounts if you qualify.

Knowing how much a bail will cost before a judge has reviewed the case can be difficult. However, once a bail is assigned, you can rest easy knowing that Absolute Bail Bonds is here to help you afford it.

You can talk to a bail agent for free by calling 1-800-793-2245 or click Chat With Us now.